If you're goin to make me cry

at least be there to wipe away the tears



① 20th of apr'92 is my BIG day
② 19yrs old
③ S'pore Poly
④ Integrated events & project management
⑤ easily contented
ღ If u're here,i'll be ok.

Sunday, December 11, 2011 @ 6:43 PM

Ok, was so boring & finally i've come back to blog... :)
Time pass really really really fast huh! & nw i'm in yr2 already goin yr3 next yr.
Next yr gonna hav my ITP,internship for 6mths. Don knw is a gd or bad thing.
Think tml i gonna choose properly my intern company n submit already. cos the deadline is 17dec i think.
Just finish midsemestertest n nw HOLIDAYS!
Things has change alot either outside or in sch.
Recently one of my lecturer pass away, is kinda sad n really devastating to visit her at Spore Casket. Life is jus like tat. They "like" you just let u live longer, if nt innocent ppl jus pass away without any warning. She is one of the example. It is really really depressing, and it's during test somemore. May you RIP in heaven! JacHo! :) We'll MISS YOU! <3
"People come and go"
& don knw why these few day i keep thinking that did i lose those friends?
We didnt lose contact and we are nt very very very close friends bt is those once in a while meet up friends, bt the way they reply u n response to u, it's feel like they didnt care at all. I hate those feeling. Don knw is it bcos they are too busy or i think too much abt it.

Within this mthns or next yr gonna get an iPhone ba.. still deciding Singtel or M1,iPhone 4 or 4s.. HAHA!! bt i think rouhgly is abt 400 500 plus. & gonna sign line, which means im gonna hav a new no..Haven ask my bro & father to sponsor! HAHAHA!! each person pay half can already. HAHA!! Godd idea! each pay $250 then i pay the rest! HAHA!!
& im gonna get a tattoooooooooos! Im nt a BAD girl, is jus a "craving" for tattoos on my hand. Bt nt tat exagerated kind jus some few words on my hands is enough. Maybe get it after my internship or before ba. Gonna check the price in Msia n Spore. :)
That's all for nw! GoodBye! =]]

Saturday, May 28, 2011 @ 6:29 PM

Hi!! I'm come to blog already! =]]

Test already started ytd... For the coming week, whole week will be having test, so u will be seeing me study study n study.... haha... This is not me OK! haha... i wont study unless test or exam... =pp After all off these test will be HOLIDAYS!!! 3WEEKS!!! where to go then?? Sian sia... i don wan stay at home!!! =pp

There is MCO bdae chalet occupyin my holidays for three days...12 - 14 june..will be stayin overnitez... hope wont be too squeezy and i wan AIRCON!!! haha... Hope we will hav LOTS of fun ya!!! will be celebratin 7th bdae of MCO!!! =]] & there is one performance comin on 18th & 26th june at diff places...

Last few week nth to do keep watchin movies... NONO not watch in cinema bt in my laptop...haha...dl it in funshion n watch...watch Final Destination 1 2 3 4 !!! haha... so scary, the way all the person die is disgustin n terrible death... heard 5 is comin out soon!!! maybe will watch tat too.. =pp & i watched Percy Jackson Son of Poseidon! He's handsome ya!! haha... =]]

I miss my secondary sch friend !!! Miss those days! Sports Day we come out wit a cheer, Teachers' Day we prepare cakes all these for our teacher, Mass run we sometimes play cheat just walk in sch, or jus walk slowly n late for the next class...haha... Mother Tongue Intensive!!! everyday study chinese, do compo and structure essay... haha....n nw all forget how to write chinese word or read them...& precious moment of N lvl and O lvl...rmb how hard we work for n show others 4N,5N can do better than the express class too...

Nw poly slack everyday...haha... when class finish straight away go back home...project or hw all done by laptop... don hav so much individual work... n the module we learn so different topics...n test or exam hav to memorise last mins(for me la)... haha... Bt the class like mine is not so together like sec sch class... is a diff atmosphere, don knw how to say it...nt tat much bondin...don knw is the 1yr age gap or wat... LOL...